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I saw @pollyanoid write hers and thought oh i should do that. Seems like the hip thing to do. I'M BAD AT REMEMBERING NAMES so if we met and I failed to mention it or if I don't know your username please comment below!


So because I'm a Monday to Friday workin animator, I wanted to get a flight later on the friday. One of the cheapest flights was at 11:15pm and landed at 3am (6am toronto time). I thought "oh I'll do that and then sleep on the plane. That'll work!"

It didn't work.

I tried the whole flight to sleep but it wasn't happening. That's what I get for staying up late watching my roommate play BOTW. At least the sunrise looked nice from the plane. So I get to Toronto airport and immediatly I search where I can sleep in the Toronto airport since I had a hotel for Saturday NIGHT and check-in started at 3pm. I ended up trying to sleep on a hard plastic chair and then ACTUALLY sleeping on a bench on the bottom floor. Cam (@ninjamuffin99) was texting me asking if I wanted to crash at his place which was very nice but honestly it was 2 hours before the meetup and I didn't wanna bother him. Honestly it was a cool experience doing stuff hobo style but next time I'm just getting a better flight why did I do that. I also got subway at some point and in my infinite wisdom got my usual order which includes the spicy stuff that makes me shit. It made me shit. I went like twice in the airport and once in a random mall next to the train station.


I'm walkin off the subway and into Cristie park. I see a large group of people and go well that must be them. Time to get ready to talk. Immediately @wandaboy and @snackers yelled my name and ran up and hugged me. It was awesome to finally meet those guys. Snackers is the coolest chillest guy and Wanda is an agent of chaos (positive) as expected. It was also then when Pollyanoid aka Amanda also called out my name and we chatted and it was nice. Said hi to cam of course. Big ups to him for organizing this whole thing. He's the only person I had met irl before this meetup.

I met a LOT of people at that park. I'm really shy when it comes to new people but thankfully when I put on the Postboy Nametag™ people started coming up to me which works out lol. I'm sorry I don't remember names that well, there were like 2 Cam clones and 3 Magi clones at that park, but everyone I talked to was so lovely and nice. Thanks for the stickers whoever gave me them. The peeps I do remember meeting were @arkoirisangel @magibauble @brandybuizel @cadaver @gachakoi @droid and a lot of others who I forget the names I'm very sorry. I was very tired from sleeping on an airport bench lol. Apperently I met @tappywara but I literally forget this even happening. I may be stupid but also there were a lot of people.

Of course @tomfulp and @luis were there. I was too shy to go up and talk to them but I thought "oh I'll talk to them eventually" BUT...never did. I WAS standing next to Tom when we were waiting to get into the bar though and I think my hand accidentally slightly grazed his ass so...there's that. Oh, and I didn't know @aaron-long and Kevin Doan (Tangy Mustard) were gonna be there. I was equally as shy and nervous about talking to them and I'm kickin myself in the ass about not talking to him but I did meet Kevin later.

OK THEATRE TIME. Everyone at the meetup walked down the neighborhood streets to the royal theatre. It must've looked pretty weird having all those people walking past your house. I just remember talking to Snackers about how weird Toronto was and talking to Pollyanoid about homestuck or something. The theatre was great. I had good seats between those two mentioned before. A bunch of people were playing VERY laggy Mario Kart DS before the show which was funny. I sadly didn't join cuz my 3DS wasn't charging and I was unsure if it was the 3DS or just my charging cable. The actual show was awesome. It was focused on newer talent and I recognized a lot of the shorts but was also blown away by some of the one's I had never seen before. It was much more artsy than I expected. Like 70% student films and 30% funnies which I think is a good balance. When Cam said it's gonna be all original work I was like "oh god all my original work is bad please don't play mine" WHICH THEY DIDN'T LOL but I helped on Lunar Kicks so I was still technically in the show. I'm making a mission to finish Silikon before the next one.

There was a very odd moment after the show where a bunch of people obviously charged the men's washroom, including myself, and as we were all peeing in unison, Wanda pulls out his phone and starts playing the Gundam 0083 opening out loud and saying some shit like "This bathroom's poppin off" I had no reason to recap that but I feel like it's something I'll never forget.

AFTER THE SHOW we all went to this bar that was right next door. Cam obviously had to go in and ask if it's okay to storm 80 people into a bar. It was weird. I think it was Japanese themed and all the TVs were playing anime related content. I was sat at a table watching some bootleg ass mexican DBZ parody which was awesome. The bar was great. I talked with a lot of people! I got myself a big ass beer and it was good. At some point Wanda got a bunch of people together for shots including me which was a good time. This is also were I got to talk to Kevin more and he was very cool. I did not expect to be doing shots with Tangy Mustard on this trip but I'm glad I did. Honestly the alcohol made me totally forget I was tired and I was a social animal. Shout out to the guy who came up to me and asked me about Gundam and the guys talking about Kamen Rider. Also shout out to Amanda who was sober but was so chill and nice the whole time. This is a photo from said event

Afterwards, we took to the streets of Toronto. I told this to Magi, but there was a moment where I realized I'm in a completely foreign place and had no idea where I was. It was slightly terrifying but I was chill about it. Half the people went to a barcade but I don't think they got in. The other half went to this weird place where you play board games while you eat and drink. Honestly, I was a little dispaointed we weren't at an arcade cuz...What can I say I'm a gamer, BUT once we started playing and eating it was actually really fun. I played an accusation game with Ninjamuffin, Pollyanoid, BrandyBuizel and @elitemastereric and it was all super fuckin fun and we had a good time and also I finally ate something.

After that, we split. Amanda (I can't remember if I mentioned it but thats @pollyanoid 's name) had a flight to see her BF at 8am the next day and was planning on just staying up at the airport but asked if she could just come to my hotel since my place was right next to the airport. It took like an hour and a half but we managed to transit our way back to my hotel. It was really nice getting to talk to Amanda, she's such a good talker. Once we got there, they told me that the regular rooms were sold out and that they put me in a junior suite which like ...OKAY. I was actually kinda pissed cuz I knew I was only gonna be here for the night and they gave me a damn apartment which a living room and kitchen and all that. I think Amanda was just gonna stay up and I WANTED to stay up with her (order pizza watch a movie have a girlz night so to speak) but then my body reminded me hey you only slept like 3 hours on a bench last night and I was like sorry Amanda I gotta crash (after watching a WIP of her new animation). It was a very good sleep.


I woke up to a nice little note Amanda wrote for me before she left. I didn't really know what I was doing that day so I checked out and got Church's Chicken cuz it was next door. Then, instead of taking the airport shuttle, I just walked to the airport cuz I felt like it. the whole time I was texting Cam on what we're doing today since my flight wasn't until 10:45pm. Eventually he told me to just come over to his place so I trekked the messy Toronto transit system to his place. Cam's place was crazy. I couldn't stand up straight or else my head would hit the ceiling lol. But Wanda, Snackers, Magi, Arko, Arko's bf i think and...Caddy? I think his name was, were all there and we all played Brain Age on Cam's couch. I live in Vancouver but I moved here from Calgary which is where all my friends still are so I missed the experience of everyone meeting at someone's house to chill and I know it's corny but I just wanna thank all those peeps for being so cool and fun to chill with. Also turns out, MY 3DS ISN'T BORKED. Guess I just need a new cable.

Afterwards we ACTUALLY went to the barcade. It was very fun, good selection of games. Played DDR with snackers that was probably the highlight. People from the meetup were still in town so some of them came to hang out again. It was very fun but I knew my time was limited. I had to leave at 8 in order to make it to the airport in time. 8 rolled around and Cam, Wanda and Snackers all walked me out and said goodbye (Also Droid walked by when this was happening and said bye too lol). I was tough leaving but I hope I can see those guys again. Not as tough as Union station though. That place is seriously cool but man it's a maze.

Well that's about it. I flew back to Vancouver and took the night bus home. It seems while I was gone my roommate (who had never played any Zelda game) had caught the BOTW itch haha. I just wanna say thanks to everyone I talked too. This was my first time doing something like this and it was so so so fun. My traveling isn't over as it just so happens I'm going to LA to see @ritascounterattack next week so that's gonna be awesome. Hopefully the next meetup will be in like Seattle or something cuz I can just drive there.

I don't know how to end this.




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